Which protein shakes are the worst?

Posted on July 17, 2014 By

This list is by no means complete, but it’s my attempt to sum up the protein supplements I’ve liked the least over the past few years of buying and tmany high-protein products as I can find.


Not only does this “Spiru-Tein” protein taste chalky, with a vitamin-y aftertaste (barf), but it’s sweetened with fructose, which is one of the worst sugars for your body. It doesn’t replenish muscle glycogen – only liver glycogen – which means it contributes to fat storage rather than muscle rebuilding.

Navitas Hemp Protein

I wrote a whole article about why hemp protein is the worst protein, but Navitas Naturals hemp protein has to be the worst of the worst. It’s got the green-grass taste of bad weed, mixed with a gritty, sandy texture that makes it impossible to drink without choking. You also can’t get it mixed all the way into water or milk, no matter how hard you try, even with a blender. Disgusting.

Carnivor Shots

Carnivor “liquid protein shots” are made with beef protein, which you’d think would be delicious, given how much protein-heads like steak. But it’s not. It’s made from heavily-processed beef protein, which, combined with the orange flavor, tastes remarkably like vomiting up a screwdriver. It is not “Great Tasting,” as the box promises.

Body Fortress

Body Fortress Strawberry carries the unique distinction of being my least-favorite Strawberry-flavored whey powder, which is amazing, because I don’t really like any of them that much. This is definitely the very lowest, last of them, though, with a taste somewhere close to chewing an old Tums tablet that rolled behind a toilet.

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