Which pea protein tastes the best?

Posted on September 11, 2014 By

I’ve bought and cooked with over a hundred different types of protein. Pea protein is great for baking, since it tends to absorb more water than whey protein. Here are my favorite pea proteins:

Pea Protein

Naturade’s pea protein is the best-tasting vanilla I’ve used. Artificial vanilla flavoring is hard to get right, but this is great. You can make shakes with it, if you have no imagination, but I prefer to keep my pea protein for baking. After all, you can mix anything into water and chug it. Your local store probably won’t carry this, but it’s easy to order.

Pea Protein 2

Olympian Labs has the best chocolate-flavored pea protein. I like this in my protein brownies and other protein-heavy baked goods. Again, it absorbs more water, so it keeps your protein-based recipes from turning into rubbery crap which happens easily when you cook without handfuls of grains, sugar and butter. (That’s why most baking recipes have them!)

If you’re hardcore, you can go for the NOW Foods unflavored pea protein – it’s cheaper than these other two, but the texture isn’t as nice, and it’s unflavored, so you’ve either got to like the taste of dried, dessicated pea extract, or dump in something else to flavor your pea protein recipe.

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