What causes protein farts?

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protein farts

When you drink protein shakes (as opposed to making a solid-food protein recipe like our HPLC Almond Cookies or HPLC Mango-Peach Jello) your stomach will tend to disgorge its contents into your large intestine faster than if you ate solid food. This means the enzymes in your stomach digest the food less, giving your gut flora (intestinal bacteria) a lot more to break down.

Unfortunately, when bacteria break down nutrients, the byproduct is gas. And since gas is extraordinarily less dense than solids and liquids, the volume of gas produced from one 16-oz protein shake can be measured in liters. This gas causes uncomfortable bloating and gut pain, or, even in a best-case scenario, voluminous and gross-smelling farts.

How do you stop protein farts?

The best way is to stop drinking protein shakes on an empty stomach! While it’s a convenient way to bolster your protein intake, the fact is that your body can not use all of the protein effectively when it gets dumped straight into your fart-pipe. This mean you’re wasting some of your expensive protein powder.

Besides… are you really that into chugging processed milk like some kind of Ensure commercial? You’re the old guy with the tennis racket and you’re getting nutrition from warm milk, if you do that. You smell like cereal. You fart and half the bus gets off at the next stop. It’s no way to go through life.

The fact is that you do need a lot of protein if you’re lifting weights, exercising or trying to lose weight. But give your guts a break from your fart-based lifestyle and cook some protein pancakes.

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